when we allow our awareness to open to the beauty in all things

in all moments

within all beings

and within ourselves

our hearts are filled with gratitude for life's many blessings

we recognize that we are our ancestors' dreams & walk with them beside us

we reawaken & reclaim our ancestral wisdom

we work to dismantle systems & cycles of harm

we begin to nurture and share our innate gifts & talents

we approach creation with deep love, reverence & intention

we honor ourselves as reflections of the Divine

we connect more closely to our intuition & to Spirit

we step into our power & weave our dreams into reality

we work in service of community & for the greater good of the collective

 our lives become a conscious sacred creation


Meet Kimberly Rodriguez

our Edición en Español cover artist

My name is Kimberly Rodriguez. I am first generation and a colonized Indigena occupying the lands of the Ohlone Tribe in California. I am an illustrator and a poet. My work is centralized in crafting words and art for those seeking to awaken to their true magick. My art is a representation of my experiences and my journey as a colonized woman who is focused on decolonizing and representing brown and black bodies in her art. My work is a spiritual approach to art and poetry as that is the medium I am being driven to by my ancestors. I want my art and poetry to serve as the portal of connection to our higher selves, ancestors and spirits for those who may feel unseen. I truly believe that the connection solely lies inside of each and one of us, it is all a matter of awakening and stepping into a space of reclaiming.

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