Life As Ceremony is a Bi-Annual print journal

Our themed volumes are released on the Spring & Autumnal Equinoxes.

Our vision is to give womxn a platform to come together for a shared purpose, to create space for us to celebrate and honor each other's talents, wisdom, voices, life experiences and to encourage collaboration between womxn. We aim to uplift & amplify, those who have historically & systemically been cast aside, silenced, erased, forgotten or have remained unseen. This space is for you.

Within the pages of our journal you will find gracious offerings from
artists creating mind altering, evocative art, images & words,
priestesses who hold sacred space, ceremonies & rituals,
wise ones with a deep knowledge of plant & animal medicines,
healers working with the energies of mind, body & spirit,
activists disrupting the current paradigm,
mothers/parents who are nurturing, loving & teaching the next generation,
unflinching passionate care-takers & stewards of the Earth,
magical mystics, humble teachers, witches, poignant storytellers, radical change makers,
and so much more!

Alice Baca is the founder of Life As Ceremony. Alice is the daughter of immigrant parents with deep roots in Jalisco, Mexico. Not long ago she had a vision of a creating a tangible container that would hold stories, art, creations, wisdom etc. That vision was a tiny seed with an incredibly amount of potential that was calling to be nourished. So, without any training or experience in magazine/book design or publishing & limited computer skills, she decided to find a way to bring the vision to fruition.
The 6 volumes that we have co-created so far are the fruit of that seed.